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A&A now has established led lights “Centre of Excellence” at Pune where it designs, manufactures and tests complete range of indoor and outdoor led lighting products covering industrial, commercial, residential as well as street lighting applications. Read more

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Ventilation system of modern building

Industrial Lighting

Workplace lighting in industries must have efficient performance and should meet all standards. The right quantity & quality light improves the efficiency of the workers and reduces the rate of error. Our High-Bay lights are designed for higher ceilings and larger areas. These luminaires are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, ports and any industrial application.

Agate LED India

Outdoor Lighting

LED street lighting is an energy-efficient, long-lasting and a cost-effective choice for the futuristic cities. Our LED street light systems are versatile enough to be managed, maintained with ease. In addition, the CO2 emission is lower as compared to conventional lighting sources, hence promoting a greener and better tomorrow.


Indoor Lighting

The right lighting can effortlessly make the interior talk for itself. When looking for powerful lighting solutions capable of offering uniform illumination while saving energy, surface mounted lights are the ideal choice to get the job done with ease.


A & A Global Resources Pvt. Ltd
A&A Global Resources Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of High Performance & High Reliability LED Lighting Fixtures with focus on Industrial Lighting , Outdoor Lighting & application specific Specialised Lighting. The company was founded in 1997 by Mr. Ashutosh Agate a qualified Electronics Engineer.

We are in a position to offer total solution in LED Luminaries manufacturing

We have developed supply chain for range of LED’s & Drivers , PCB’s and Housings.

We have established Photometric Testing Lab including aging Testers for testing LED’s and LED Luminaries.

We represents world's leading & competitive manufacturers to bring to its customers cost effective solutions in Electronics Assembly Automation .

Horticulture Lighting

Plants need light for nutrient uptake, and they use the energy of light for photosynthesis to obtain the necessary nutrients for growth and development. So photosynthesis is the key to plant survival. LED plant growth light is a kind of use LED components light instead of sunlight, specifically to promote plant photosynthesis, create suitable for plant growth and development of light environment ,designed with a specific spectral wavelength of special lamps and lanterns.

Sports Lighting

Highly efficient replacement for conventional lightings.
Innovative design with a stylish look.
Glare free light output
HD TV Transmission compatible
Beam Angles : 10/25/60 Degree
Efficacy : 150 lm/W
Surge Protection : 10 Kv

Application: Sport ground / Stadium etc.

Our Products

Have any queries or required more detail, simulation please write us, our expert will get in touch with you soon.

We are using these lamps since November 2016. Till date, the performance of LED Light fittings found well and working satisfactorily in the manner of illumination and overall. We certify "AGATE" make LED Lamps are found excellent in performance.

D.S. Phalle
WTE Infra projects Pvt Ltd

We have been using LED product s from A & A Global Resources Pvt Ltd with brand name AGATE LED Lights from last 2 years. We found the performance of the products satisfactory and energy-efficient.

Gogate S.V.
Director | Keihin Fie Pvt Ltd

We have been using 40 no's Qty "Agate" Brand of 150W LED High Bay Lights since 2016 at our Chakan plant. We have found that the performance of these lights satisfactory and there have been no failures till now and the technical design as well as aesthetic design of these lights robust and attractive.

Mr. Shivaji Patil
DGM , Maintenance - Brembo Brake India Pvt Ltd

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